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Fabric Replacement Services

A pool cover is essential in keeping your pool clean and free from debris, animals, and weather elements. With time, exposure to pool chemicals, temperature changes, and sunlight can cause wear and tear on your cover. You should check regularly for cracks, peeling, or weakened spots that can cause water seepage.  If your cover shows wear and tear, it’s time to consider repairing or replacing it. We offer an array of durable pool cover fabric in different colors, affordability, and customization to meet your needs.  Our team of experts can replace or repair any pool cover regardless of the make, model, or who installed it. For all your pool cover needs, contact us. Trust us to always give you excellent quality fabric and unmatched customer service.

More Benefits

  • Low shrink, non-wicking fibers are used.
  • The polyester base fabric is carefully controlled during weaving for straightness, so there is no curving or warping of the finished vinyl.
  • The tensile strength is better than the 20oz. coated vinyl available Elsewhere and far superior to any laminated vinyl in the weight range.
  • Our vinyl is made with virgin PVC resin, BASF Palatinol N plasticizer, and contains no “fillers.” Other coated and laminated vinyls add chalks and other fillers to keep costs down.
  • Our vinyl is formulated for both chlorine and abrasion resistance.
  • Algae-free fabric means: a cover that cleans easily, and lasts longer.
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We install, repair, or replace commercial and residential Automatic Pool Cover Safety Systems

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