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Our Bi-Annual Maintenance Plan will Keep Your Automatic Pool Safety Cover Working Better for Longer

swimming pool with cover partially closed

Our System Maintenance Plan is Two Visits Every Year to Perform the Following:

  • Operate cover to  check for proper tracking and other issues
  • Removal of accumulated debris from cover box.
  • Inspect mechanism for loose bolts
  • Check and adjust track splice alignment
  • Center and align mechanism
  • Check electrical connections to the motor
  • Check motor for signs of overheating
  • Adjust rope reel tension
  • Clean debris from cover tracks
  • Inspect webbing for excessive wear or fraying
  • Inspect fabric for any holes
  • Check operation of the cover pump
  • Replace any guides, gliders and/or pulleys as needed
  • Adjust pool cover in the open and closed positions
  • Lubrication of all pulleys and fittings
  • Clutch adjustment
Prompt, Professional, Friendly Service

We install, repair, or replace commercial and residential Automatic Pool Cover Safety Systems

Installs, Repairs, Maintenance, Fabric Replacement


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